Virtual Reality Headset

by Denis Shkuratov
(United States)

This is the headset we have

This is the headset we have

My favorite gadget is my virtual reality headset. I initially heard about it a few years ago through videos on YouTube and didn't think much of it. I thought it was just another fad that would go away within a few months.

It is amazing how far technology has evolved to the point where it can track your every movement in a virtual reality world. I got it as a gift for Christmas last year and it has been the most exciting gadget I have ever received.

I bought a couple of pairs for my family members within a few months of trying it out. You can immerse yourself in a world with your friends and be anyone you want to be all while the headset detects your each and every movement There are tons of different genres and games that you can play on the virtual reality headset. We like to play Thumper and Coaster Combat.

The graphics are still being worked on and aren't similar to current top of the line graphics in video games. I still enjoy the virtual reality headset because it has brought so much happiness to me and my family. We play together with a few pairs of headsets and this has become our new bonding time.

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Sep 07, 2019
We agree!
by: Scott

We agree! Virtual Reality is an awesome new gadget!

You might be wondering exactly what VR is. We describe it as "software which creates an imaginary sensory environment which you experience as real, and of which you play an active part". To be honest, though, you must experience VR first-hand to fully understand how amazing it is!

When VR first came out, it was very expensive and few could afford it. But now, you can enjoy entry-level VR for under $100. Read about Daydream View here.

We also recommend the
Oculus Go described by Denis in this post.

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