Travel Adventures

Travel adventures by car
Airline tickets can be very expensive

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

~Saint Augustin

Your travel adventure, whether by car or plane or ship, can be a very expensive endeavor. But we sure do love to go on vacation, experience new places and scenery! 

Travel can provide such a wonderful break from your daily grind! It stimulates your mind and enriches your life. (If you know how to get the most for your money and keep your stress level down).

I can honestly say that I have never regretted all the time, effort or money I have ever spent on travel. 

That being said, as we became more experienced travelers, we figured out some great ways of saving money on our airborne travel adventures, and wanted to share them with you. We also picked up a few tricks from a travel agent friend of ours.

Some of these strategies you may already know about, but we bet you'll pick up a useful tip or two here that'll save you some jack. Click to access the Guide:

Budget Travel Guide
Be Your Own Travel Agent!

The Stress-Free Vacation (well, almost)

There are ways to make your travel adventures less stressful.

If you're like me, you look forward eagerly to a long-planned vacation trip, with visions of relaxing days spent around the pool and stress-free naps in a hammock on the beach.

And what usually happens? Chaos, disappointments and stress!

There are definitely some ways you can lessen the stress level during your travel adventures. Much of it involves wise planning and research before you ever leave home.

For some great tips to planning a stress-free vacation, click here.

Travel Ease With Gadgetry

Okay, so in our Budget Travel Guide above, we advised you to travel as light as possible. Now we're telling you not to leave home without these travel gadgets!

There are literally thousands of new, high-tech travel gadgets. Many of them sound great, but just don't work well when you put them to the test on the road. You don't want to weigh down your luggage with lots of gear that you probably won't use.  So we don't recommend them.

But there are a few travel gadgets which we find almost indispensable. These items are small and can help make your travel adventures easier, safer and less stressful. Make sure to familiarize yourself with and test all your gear before you leave home.

Smartphone with charger are essential travel items.Smartphone and portable charger
Keep a Kindle strictly for reading.

Pack these essentials and leave the rest behind: 

Did you know they've even come up with "Smart Luggage", featuring a battery charger and remote locking via a cell phone app?

We have launched a new section here on the site, all about our favorite travel adventure gadgets, including the best "smart luggage"

Document Your Travel Adventures
with Photos and Video

Don't forget your camera!

One more item you absolutely must bring on your trip: a camera! Why not plan to take some truly spectacular shots during this vacation?

The camera on you smartphone is okay for quick candids, but there's nothing more awesome than documenting your adventures with some well-thought-out and technically diverse photos taken through a great lens.

Instead of just the usual "posing family in front of tourist attraction" images, let's get creative. Travel provides some of the best photo opportunities you'll ever find.

The key to truly original and entertaining travel photos is variety. Mix it up by taking different types of pictures:

Macro shot (close-up)Creative Close-Ups
Use zoom lens to shoot dangerous animals.Zoom in on animal shots
Wide-angle setting captures the sceneryWide angle for scenery
Low-light setting and slow speed for night shotsSlow and steady at night
Quick shutter speed to capture the actionQuick shutter freezes action
Get lots of candid shots of the family.Take lots of candid shots


A week or two before your trip, spend plenty of intimate time with your camera and manual. Figure out how to set up for each of the picture-taking opportunities listed above, and practice them.

I took two or three index cards and jotted down just the very basic camera settings I needed to set up quickly for the next situation. Keep the cards in your pocket.

You don't want to be stuck leafing through your camera manual while everyone else enjoys that beautiful but short-lived sunset over the ocean.

One last thought:

Don't get so caught up in documenting your travel adventure that you forget to put the camera down often and just enjoy things first-hand.

You don't want to discover when you're back home going through your photos that you missed out on the best parts of your trip.

Reviewing travel pics to see what you missed!

Our Travel Photography section lets you in on some fun photo software, helps you select the best travel camera, and some cool camera gadgets that will enhance your travel images and impress your friends.

Fun with cameras- learn how to print out actual photos direct from your cell, and how to capture the most amazing selfies you've ever seen.

Learn the secret methods of travel agents.

Don’t go on a trip without this travel gear.

Ya’ll like to camp? You’ll love the special camping gear we picked out.

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