Clothes And Shoes

Clothes and shoes... decisions, decisions!

"Clothing is the first step to building a character." 

    ~Sylvester Stallone

At first we debated over whether to include clothes and shoes in our "gadget website", as they could hardly be considered gadgets.

But after doing a little research, we were surprised to find that there are tons of new high-tech garments on the market, or being developed. Honestly, as you will soon see below, most are worthless.

A few were worthy of mention because they appear to be quite useful or perfect for gift-giving. Just a taste below of what we found.

To see some special clothes we truly love, visit here. 

And this page showcases some of our favorite shoes and sandals.

Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

This one's in the development stage
at Kickstarter

Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts

How many times have you been to the beach or pool and decided to take a dip? Same old problem every time: where to hide your valuables (cellphone, keys, wallet) while you swim? 

These innovative swim shorts sport a patented waterproof pocket which is sewn into the lining of the pants. Swim as long as you like without worrying about your essentials getting wet OR being lost or stolen. Clever!

Interactive T-shirts

T-Qualizer El Lit Sound Activated Gradient Equalizer T-Shirt

(Try saying that after 2 beers)

A graphic equalizer t-shirt which dynamically changes with sounds or music.

Sure to turn heads at the dance club!

We relied on published information and reviews to recommend this item.

FlipSidez Custom Logo Flip Flops

FlipSidez Custom Logo Flip Flops

Too cute!

Design your own personalized "sand-imprint" Flip Flops. Works best in sand but can also imprint in snow.

This would be a super gift for a beach-bound child; or outfit your entire beach wedding party with them. 

Visit the seller's website here:

[Note: We receive no compensation for this recommendation.]

Clothes and Shoes
Goofy Hi-Tech Clothing

In our internet ramblings we came across some clothes and shoes that are actually, seriously being marketed as high-tech. We think they've gone off the deep end. 

We admit it! We love our gadgets; but do you really need to sew them into your clothes?

These garments were voted by us "most likely to gather dust in your closet":

The Flexi Freeze Ice Vest

The Flexi Freeze Ice VestHmmm... might be useful during Happy Hour.

Scott e vest

ScottevestLet's see you get thru airport security in this!

The Flask Tie

The Flask TieWhy wait 'til 5pm?

Fabrican Spray-on Clothing

Fabrican Spray-on ClothingWonder if it's rainproof.

USB Necklace & Cufflinks

USB Necklace & CufflinksMaybe if you work for the CIA

Beer Koozie Gloves

Beer Koozie GlovesWelded to your brew

Scott e Vest Travel Boxers

ScotteVest Travel BoxersCan't miss that text!

The Ostrich Pillow

the Ostrich PillowYour boss will love this!

Ever wish someone would get you a Snuggie for Christmas?

Aahh, Snuggies, warm and toasty.

But did you know what happens when you get up?

Snuggie backside- cost cutting measure.Just so you know.

And speaking of backsides...

The Great Japanese See-Thru Skirt Hoax

A few years ago, 2003, to be exact, a story hit the 'Net about fake see-through skirts which had become the rage in Japan.

Images of bottoms/panties were painted onto normal skirts or dresses to give the illusion that you could actually see through their clothing.

The world noticed, and when requests started pouring into Japan to place orders for the skirts, it was revealed that the garments did not exist, and the pictures were actually just Photoshop manipulations.

Just had to give you a peek anyway:

Japanese See-Thru Skirt Hoax

And just when you think you've heard it all...

Japan Again!
The Love Detection Bra

True Love Tester Bra

Those crazy Japanese inventors are at it again. One of their latest hi-tech gadgets is the True Love Tester Bra, touted as a "chastity belt for the breasts".

It supposedly opens only when the wearer displays physical responses (increased heart rate) indicative of loving feelings.

How the True Love Tester Bra works.

The bra contains heart rate sensors that communicate with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. When it detects that the heart rate is in a "sweet spot", Voila! The female is in love, and the bra pops open.

What a colossal waste of time, money and talent!

Wonder if they gave any thought to what would happen if the poor girl was the victim of a mugging?

Adrenaline response, heart racing, bra flips open and the real fun begins.

Clothes we love: Blue Jean Heaven! 

Cool shoes we love


Recommended high-tech grooming gadgets.


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