Cars and Boats

Panhead Harley in the good ole days.

Scott sometimes claims he has gasoline running through his veins instead of blood. And sometimes I believe it. He adores his "toys" and takes very good care of all of them. Scott is an ace mechanic and can fix just about anything. A nice bonus in a man...

Toyota Tundra and Honda Civic
Jeep Wrangler

How can we ever recommend a certain car or truck brand? That is something so personal, we won't give any recommendations at all. We have had great success with Toyota Trucks, Honda sedans, and a Jeep for the woods. But your family may be rabid Ford or Chevy fans. So we just won't go there... 

Hence, the only advice he will give for cars : "If you change the oil every 3,000 miles, they will run forever".

(And boats; change oil every 100 hours or yearly).

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We love our Off Road Vehicles! Find out why in this section. 

As far as boats, we have a Catalina Cruiser 26' Lil Hobo Houseboat (trailerable), an old 16' Aluminum Sylvan Super Snapper, two canoes and a dinghy. The motors hanging on them are all Yamahas... which are highly recommended for boating power.

Scott used to be an outboard mechanic and went on to be a boat captain for years before he retired. Very cool to have an experienced boat man at the helm when we launch for a cruise.

Lil Hobo
Sylvan Super Snapper
Canoes... gotta have 'em.

Oh yeah, we also have a Suzuki DR-200 dual-sport motorcycle, a Polaris Ranger 570 Crew Buggy and a Honda Recon 250 4-wheeler. More about the Polaris Ranger here.

Suzuki Dual-Sport
Polaris Ranger
Honda Recon 4-wheeler

And let's not forget one of his favorite toys: his Kubota tractor.

Talk about power at your fingertips. Nothing like an earth moving machine to make a man happy!

What with the 3 utility trailers we also own, the tax man gets quite a haul every year when Scott goes down to renew all the registrations/license plates on these cars and boats and ATVs and trailers! 

But we use them all; it's worth it.

America's Love Affair with Cars... and Boats

Grady White luxury fishing boats

So just why do boys love their toys? As best I can tell, for the following reasons:

#1- The Complexity Of It

Cars and boats, ATVs, motorcycles, trucks... they are all marvels of engineering. Just think about what it took to come up with our modern vehicles. We're talking about literally thousands of years of human endeavor; billions of man hours. Trial and error, innovation and creativity.

Everything came together in a complex way, to culminate in... your truck, your motorcycle, your houseboat. 

Cars and boats... It's a beautiful thing.

#2- The Simplicity Of It

Wrenching on a Yamaha Outboard Motor

Scott's cars and boats also provide him with a simple creative escape. Whether he is rotating the tires on his Jeep, troubleshooting the Yam on his houseboat or tooling through the forest on his dirt bike, he is FOCUSED. Man and machine... together forever. 

Men also love their motorized toys because they provide a feeling of accomplishment. Scott has a NEED to go out to the barn and change out old parts, tighten some lug nuts, or order the newest and coolest auto gadget. When he's done, one of his vehicles runs better, the aftermarket LEDs light the way more effectively, or something was resurrected from an early demise.

Simple joy!

#3- The Need For Speed

Speeding cars satisfy the need for speed!

This one is easy to understand. Men just love and crave speed. (As they do fire and loud noises: ie: campfires, guns and fireworks). 

But back to motorized cars and boats. Scott picked up this saying from being in the boat industry for years... "There's no substitute for horsepower".

No sailboats for him! (I did see him paddle a kayak once, but the key word there is "once").

#4- Free At Last!

Nothing like the freedom driving gives you!

Do you remember your first car, and the first time you ever took a drive all by yourself? What a feeling of power and freedom that was! In one instant, your world went from a few miles around your home by bicycle or on foot, to the whole country! 

Your first automobile was more than just a car: it was your very own first house too, with a roof, a place to sleep and lockable doors! Having a car and a driver's license meant distant parties, taking a date to a movie across town, and best of all... impromptu road trips.

"It's the freedom of the open road." 

Engine warning light on again?

 Don’t leave the dock without this in your boat. 

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