Fitness Trackers

The Moov Swimming exercise tracker
Fitbit Alta

Fitness trackers, those rubbery little bracelets you may have seen joggers wearing... have come of age. No longer just a gimmick, these sophisticated exercise tracking devices pack a lot of features into a small package.

Today's fitness trackers keep daily statistics automatically on: the number of steps walked, calories burned, heartrate monitoring, and even sleep stages. Some trackers have a built in GPS to help guide outdoor joggers.

Do you need one of these devices to stay fit and adhere to your exercise regimen? NO...

.....but we feel it will help keep you motivated and engaged in that all-important exercise regimen.

Which Fitness Tracker?

Which is the best fitness tracker for you? The one you will wear and use on a daily basis.

Below we present just a few of the highest quality and most popular fitness trackers on the market today:

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Moov All Sports Fitness Tracker

Jabra Tracking Earbuds 

Sony's Smart B-Trainer 

Under Armour HOVR Smart Shoes 

Fitness Trackers

Leading the pack of fitness trackers is the Fitbit Alta, which my brother and son both wear and love. They live 5 states apart but are in touch all the time, comparing their "steps walked per day" and other stats.

We have close contact with this gear by a family member or friend who owns it; they give it a thumbs up.

Fitbit Alta

  • Fitbit App syncs seamlessly with your smartphone; iPhone, Android or Windows.
  • Calling and texting features alert you to activity and health info.
  • Keep motivated by comparing stats with your "workout buddies" many miles away.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Now this is one clever idea... incorporates the Fitbit system into a sleek and stylish watch... add GPS... and Voila!

You have this Amazon's Choice Fitbit Smartwatch!

Fitness Trackers
Moov All Sports & Swim Tracker

We relied on published information and reviews to recommend this item.

All Sports & Swim Tracker MOOV 

  • Real-time audio coaching 
  • Tracks running, cycling, cardio boxing
  • Best swim tracker out there: records stroke type/count, lap analysis
  • Tracks active minutes and sleep cycles
  • Durable and waterproof wrist or ankle band
  • Organize and access useful data in the Moov App

Fitness Trackers
Jabra Tracking Earbuds

We relied on published information and reviews to recommend this item.

Jabra Elite 65T
Fitness Tracking Earbuds

  • Wireless & totally waterproof
  • Earbuds stay put during strenuous exercise.
  • Heart Rate and Activity Tracker
  • Personalize your music program 
  • Intuitive App required to use this device.
  • Amazon's Choice affil link:

Fitness Trackers
Sony Smart B-Trainer

We relied on published information and reviews to recommend this item.

Sony Smart B-Trainer
MP3 Player/Sport Tracker

Pricy but sophisticated Fitness Tracker:

  • Superb MP3 player
  • Heartrate; calories burned; stride tracking
  • Contains an accelerometer; GPS; compass and barometer
  • Will show your jog route on a map.
  • Training menus for various sports/ workouts
  • Voice coaching

Buy the Smart B-Trainer on Amazon via this affiliate link:

Chill to your tunes as you exercise, without disturbing others.

Check out the most popular gym exercise routines available today. 

These high-tech jogging shoes are also fitness trackers!

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