About us-
Compare Gadgets? 

My wife and I live in paradise! And we are having a blast with our new website; as we compare gadgets, research, buy, test and make our recommendations about different gadgets, electronics, toys and tools. We created this website to share this knowledge with YOU!

We are baby boomers, in our early 60s. We live on three gorgeous acres tucked inside a beautiful National Forest.

Pine forest of the Ocala National ForestPiney Woods
Wild Monkeys in the forestWild monkeys... yep!

Our goal in buying the land was to create a comfortable, efficient homestead, with an eye towards self-sufficiency, in the event that one day TSHTF (the shit hits the fan). We have a ways to go to get it just the way we want it, but as it stands now, you wouldn't mind living here at all.

We sometimes jokingly say to each other that we own the perfect piece of land, live in the perfect house, with the perfect bed, perfect TV set, perfectly equipped kitchen, perfect toys, etc and etc.

Our Roles in this Project-
Compare Gadgets & Pick the Best

Jeanie, my wife, had her first "Mother Earth" phase in the 1980s, while she was in her thirties.

My wife Jeanie

She lived in an old restored farmhouse on 5 acres, planted huge gardens, a grape vineyard, fruit tree orchard, berry bushes. She made bread, canned vegetables, made homemade jelly, brewed beer and made orange wine.

She is now well into her second Mother Earth stage, this time, with me. She is not happy unless she has several projects going at once, 'til it turns into a 3-ring circus! A website like this is perfect for her; she stays on top of all the latest gadgets anyway, may as well do something constructive with that.

I grew up on a small farm in the rich black soil of South Jersey.

I earned my Green Thumb helping my Mom harvest sweet Jersey corn (the best in the world!). As a boy, though, I thrived on mechanical devices... dirt bikes, road bikes, boats...I think I have gasoline in my veins instead of blood.

I have operated my own import car repair shop, worked as an outboard marine mechanic, boat rigger and finally became a boat captain, delivering large luxury boats to wealthy customers. Now I am retired and working on our new website. The orange beast above is one of my favorite toys.

Wife calls the barn my "Heat and Light Emporium" because of my long love affair with antique lanterns and stoves. I have collected over 200 rare Coleman lanterns!

I have collected over 200 rare Coleman lanterns

How "Our Favorite Gadgets"
was born

We are both huge builders and "tinkerers" and love our gadgets dearly. Jeanie is more the household, cooking, office and electronics "guru", while I am the mechanic, gadget tinkerer extraordinaire and master toy collector.

Our sons and a passel of grandkids live on the compound next door and keep us up to speed on the latest gaming gear, smartphones and Internet mysteries only children can unravel.

The idea for making a website which compares gadgets and makes recommendations came about one night when we were talking about how happy we were here on the old homestead, with all our "stuff".

One of us said "Yeah, you might just call it 'Cool shit you gotta get'". And once we thought of a website to hold all our ideas, the rest just dropped into place.

Amazon Rules

As we explained in the home page, we are Amazon Associates, and do earn a small (more like tiny) commission for each item you buy through our links. Again, most of it goes back into the website, acquiring and testing even more gadgets.

Amazon does not allow the manual posting of prices as we compare gadgets, so please don't email us screaming for prices to be posted next to each item! It just takes a second to click the link to find out the cost. :)

Well, that's about it. Hope you come to visit often. Contact Us anytime with problems, questions, or just to chat.

Please sign up for our occasionally published ezine, "The Happy Gadgeteer" below, and bookmark this site. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Gadgeting!

Update From Scott & Jeanie:

To all of our loyal supporters and website visitors:

Thanks to all of you for our 3-year journey together through the exciting world of gadgets! 

I need to let you know that we are retiring from the Our Favorite Gadgets website due to some serious health issues I am coping with. I have transferred the reins of this informative and intriguing website to my good friend, Adriana. I will continue to consult with her as needed to make the transition as seamless as possible. You can trust that Adriana will guide the site with a significant knowledge of electronics and gadgets, and a grand sense of adventure.

Thanks again for a remarkable experience!

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